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Land purchase and recovery

historyTwenty-two farms comprising an area of about 40 000 acres were bought and around 70km of electrified fencing (solar powered) erected by a team of 70 men over a period of 10 months. In clearing the land approximately 230km of old farm fencing, 41 windmills, 15 farm buildings, 18 artificial water reservoirs and 20 tons of metal were dismantled and removed. Wildlife was then re-introduced in partnership with the South Africa National Parks. Elephants, black rhinos and buffaloes were re-introduced into the small Karoo at Kuzuko.

Construction Phase

Building a luxury lodge in the wilderness was no easy task. Building it on a hill with stunning views made it even harder. Water, electricity and telecommunications had to be trunked in from over 12km.

The building of the lodge, chalets and staff housing by over 100 workers took 20-months and required a substantial investment.

All the work was done by local contractors or from nearby towns using local material where possible. The establishment of the reserve has now created 30 jobs with another 30 employed at the lodge. Kuzuko has been one of the largest investments of its kind in the district and we expect it to stimulate further economic activity.

Holding Company

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