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Kuzuko Food – Karoo Food!

At Kuzuko we seek to make visible what is often regarded as being of no consequence and “everyday”. We strive to capture the essence of the home style Karoo in our cooking.

Karoo cooking has become less about what you do with the food, and more about the quality and freshness of the produce you use. We follow the very same style of cooking our Grandmothers use to, even the same old recipes. These recipes will always remain the same – they are ancient, part of tradition and unique to the Karoo culture, and one should respect that. There is no need to alter the recipe; just enhance what is already there. Every ingredient has it specific and unique irreplaceable purpose.

Most of our produce is sourced locally, as we believe that is where the root of any dish starts. It is hard to capture the essence of the Karoo, if you source ingredients from elsewhere. One has to include local favourites like Karoo lamb, honey roasted sweet potatoes, seared venison, gorgeous Hertzoggies and Melktert if you want your cooking to pass as ‘Karoo cuisine’. Throw in a couple of your own ideas into the mix, like our ‘Karoo-krieke’ (Vanilla fried Tiger Prawns), or our Blushing Pears with Wine-custard, and you can count on having a pretty good time once the dinner bell rings.

There is something about Karoo food that just brings people together, no matter what age, race, gender, culture or nationality. That is what we strive to achieve with the food at Kuzuko. The dish in front of you, should enhance the relationship with the one next to you and across from you. That, to us, is Karoo cooking at its very best. Our food aims to evoke emotions from and interaction between our guests. Interactions that end up making great stories and creating precious memories.

The Karoo is known for its people and their stories – ‘stoepstories’ as it is referred to. And every guest here has a story; every employee has a story… It is the people at Kuzuko that breathes life into the experience. Yes the facilities are great, and yes the animals and the scenery contribute, but it is the people that make memories. They are the ones adding to your story, and that in itself is priceless – you can’t measure it.

To eat is to live; might as well do it with passion then….

Guillaume Schoon
Executive Chef