Marriage Weekend

Fall in love all over again and put the romance back into your marriage at our Romantic Weekend for Married Couples.

Did you know that having a romantic relationship makes a couple happier?

Did you know that romance is often the first emotion to leave a couple once they are married?

Did you know that when a couple practices the art of romancing each other, they will be able to handle conflict in a positive way?

In other words, when a couple has a romantic relationship they will be happy. And the happier they are the more they will commit to their happiness and to each other!

So, being married is a lifetime investment. Invest in your romance, this will improve your well-being, your happiness and in the end strengthen your commitment to each other.

Register for our September 2019 Marriage Weekend!

Topics include:
Understanding your spouse's emotional language and unique personality
Love and Respect
Super intimacy

Contact Marianne Lötter on 041 399 4400 or for further information or to request a registration form.