Photographic Weekend

* 27 April - 2 May (beginner and intermediate)
* 9 August - 11 August (pro)

Beginner and Intemediary Wildlife Photographic Course
Hosted by John Vosloo and Gerhard de Lange

Course Content (subject to change):
* The exciting wildlife photographic journey - what it entails, why we do it, a journey of fun, fascination and learning
* Your camera - how it works, what it does and why set it up for different lighting conditions, different image moods, different image subjects and photographic effects to be achieved, camera cards and battery tips
* Photographic concepts - shutter speed, ISO, aperture, over and underexposure, focusing modes and why each is used, metering modes and why each is used
* Lenses - different lenses for different applications, what they do, how they work, the pro's and con's of different lenses and the speed of lenses - what lens works best for the image to be captured
* Photographic accessories - bean bags, tripod, flash, filters and more
* Basic camera settings - how to set your camera up for various photographic situations, setting up for speed, static images, bright and low light, depth of field and colour
* What to photograph and why - evaluate the content of the scene to be captured, background, color, reflective surfaces, identification of various potential strong and weak aspects of the image, intimacy with the subject, how to arrest the viewer with the image, how to create a compelling image of interest taking the viewers eye on a journey through the image
* Evaluation of light - and the impact thereof on the image, how to best use it, what camera settings will be dictated by the various lighting conditions, the use of prevailing weather
* Evaluation of the subject - animal behavior, knowledge of your subject, safe zones, animal warning signs and language, danger signals and comfort zones
* Ethical wildlife photography
* Composition of the image
* Practical implementation of theory
* Animal behaviour, featuring members of the Big 5
* How to approach an animal/s in a vehicle with minimum disturbance