Article original written by Jacaranda FM


The Scenic Drive’s friend from the wild, Sylvester the Lion, is doing well. He is the father of two beautiful cubs.


During his time on the Complimentary Breakfast, Rian led a campaign to save Sylvester the lion from being put down. SANParks regarded him as a “problematic animal” but Rian did not believe that he deserved to be treated so cruelly.
Through talking about it on radio and getting support behind the hashtag “Save Sylvester” Rian convinced the authorities to release Sylvester to the custody of Kuzuko Lodge.

Gerhard de Lange has been instrumental in taking care of Sylvester the Lion and making sure he finds companions in the wild. Sylvester has been at Kuzuko Lodge with a younger male lion and two orphaned lionesses for two years.

Gerhard spoke to Rian to give an update on Sylvester’s life and to share some very exciting news: Sylvester has since become a dad to two beautiful lion cubs. They are now 12 weeks old.

Listeners of Jacaranda FM played a role in saving the precious life of this lion. Knowing that he has gone on to reintegrate into the wild and even start his own family is truly heartwarming.