On the 15th of June the Kuzuko Foundation Team held a Fun Sports Day at the Local Primary School Bracefield in celebration of National youth day which is on the 16ht of June 2017.
The aim of the day was to have fun with the children, which we did, by interacting with the kids and playing various games with them like “sack jump”, introductory level tennis, fun style soccer and egg spoon run.

Part of the day was to give back to the teachers and the caregivers by giving them the day “off”, so that they can relax and have fun with the kids, while the team was keeping the kids busy, Jacomé Nothnagel, the Kuzuko Foundation Team Leader for this event, cooked a nutritious stew for lunch. The amazing communal lunch with the children, teachers and the caregivers ended off this successful day and we are looking forward to many more days like this by assisting and supporting the local community.


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