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Kuzuko Lodge has an exciting new addition to the family! Read on to find out more about the newest Kudu.

My guests and I embarked on a chilly and drizzling morning for our drive not expecting to see much in the cloudy and pressing storm. After an hour out on drive we came across a few of our famous Kudu and Steenbok, even a Common Duiker. Just as we came around the bend the rain started to pour down on us, just as we saw a glimpse of a Kudu female behind a big broad Spekboom. As the rain calmed again, we approached the female as she was not paying much attention to us, and to our astonishment a baby was being born.

No one could take their eyes off what was happening, and as we moved closer, we saw the new little calf. My guests and i stared in awe at new mom cleaning her new arrival. After a mere 15 minutes the infant was clean and began to take his first stand ever on all four legs and just 33 minutes later started taking his first steps observing his surroundings with a nice wet cow lick fuzzy hair style, we all have come to know so well when waking up for every new day as this little one awoke for his first.

Written by Kuzuko Ranger Alex Bezuidenhout. Click here to discover more about Kuzuko: