Another Kuzuko conservation milestone reached as lion cubs successfully relocated to neighbouring Game Reserve.

Addo region, 6th October 2020 – Today, Kuzuko Lodge, managed by Legacy Hotels & Resorts, successfully relocated four sub-adult lion cubs to neighbouring game reserve, Magic Hills.
Over-and-above the consistent achievements made in the conservation of South African lion, cheetah and mountain zebra, Kuzuko is also known worldwide for the adventures of “Sylvester the Lion”, who was successfully relocated to Kuzuko in 2015 after a series of daring escapes from the Karoo National Park (KNP).
It was thanks to Kuzuko Lodge’s General Manager – Reserve, Gerhard de Lange’s 25+ years of working and observing wild lions, that Sylvester was integrated into a coalition with another male. These males then mated with two of Kuzuko’s resident lionesses, the result of which was the birth of two pairs of cubs in 2018.
“Sylvester inspired the imagination of so many people,” says de Lange. “Thanks to his successful integration, this has resulted in a new generation of Kuzuko Lions. It’s this legacy of bringing people together that we want to hand over to the wonderful team at Magic Hills.”
Speaking about the newest additions to Magic Hills, General Manager Declan Hofmeyr, says the introduction of the four will make an excellent genetic contribution to their current lion population, who after a month of “building up their fitness” in a private 40 hectare camp will be released into the greater private reserve area.
“The stewardship of these cubs is extremely important to us,” concludes de Lange, “and we are so grateful that Magic Hills has partnered with us to continue our legacy of conservation in this region.”