Kuzuko Lodge is situated in the Kuzuko Contractual Area of Addo Elephant National Park.

During the past couple of weeks one of our sub-adult elephant bulls broke away from the main herd and is now found alone, as is normal in elephant populations. We have decided to name him “Mketeni”, after the CEO of SANParks, Fundisile Mketeni.


The young elephant bull – Mketeni.

Other exciting news is that we recently discovered a new born kudu carcass and was fortunate to photograph a brown hyena nearby. This is the first time, in the history of Kuzuko, that a brown hyena was seen at Kuzuko.


First sighting of a brown hyena at Kuzuko Lodge.

Update on the young lionesses.

The two young lionesses, now roughly 19 months old, are doing extremely well and surpassed our initial hopes of them learning to hunt on their own. We must stress the following as we believe it is a vital point for their well being and future:

1. We spend the absolute minimum time with them, and then on average 20min early morning and 20min in the late afternoon.
2. They do not experience any staff on foot and
3. Feeding is done in a manner in which they will not associate feeding with vehicles.

During the past four months they started utilizing the full extent of their 250ha enclosure and we have seen them hunt and kill scrub hares, a rock monitor, vervet monkey, guinea fowl and kudu.


Two young lionesses resting in the shade.