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As we all know the only way to ensure that our natural heritage exist beyond the current generation is to in still a love and appreciation for animals being poached like Rhino, Elephant and lion.

As part of the Kuzuko Foundation and the Kuzuko Lodge & Reserve ethos education lies very close to our hearts.

In supporting this initiative we meet 2 of our mayor purposes and that is education and conservation. This will not only high light Kuzuko’s dedication but LHMS dedication to social responsibility as well as conservation.

The basic concept of the vent is to collaborate with various artists who will donate their art pieces to be auctioned during a upmarket cocktail event at Kuzuko Lodge on Saturday 10th of December.

The idea is to invite some of our Legacy Ambassadors as Celebs to attend and market this event to our Legacy Lifestyle members and our larger database and networks.

There will be an onsite auction as well as an online auction option. (Robert your advice here is crucial)

The Auction will be conducted by 2 sister who are very well known and experienced auctioneers. There will be life entertainment and speakers from Rhino art in attendance as well as some of the artists as well.

There will not only be the donated pieces but also additional pieces to be purchased on site.

We are involving several of the local school to submit artwork as well as part of the whole educational purpose of the event and Rhino arts mandate to initiate change at grass route levels.

Our timing is a bit tight but we still have 2 months left to go big with this. I did discuss it a bit with Michael in Namibia and Kathy met one of our artist during his recent visit.

Most of the artists has been to the lodge to meet our rhinos and find inspiration for our beautiful area.

I will forward the official info document shortly.

It is just being amended to reflect some of the latest information regarding artists and entertainment.

In the mean time I will forward various different emails reflecting some of the artwork including photography, bronze sculptures, paintings, sketches etc.

There will also be links to You tube video links to see what it is that Rhino art stand for and aims to achieve.

I will forward all information to our international networks through our holding company as well. So the exposure would be greatly beneficial for both Kuzuko and LHMS group as well.

Possibly you can show case different venues on an annual basis or make it a group wide event. Only time will tell.

I look forward to work with you to make this event one to be remember and maybe to be looked forward to on an annual basis.