May 2016


Sylvester – In the boma at Kuzuko

The Management of Kuzuko Lodge approached the Management of the Frontier Region of SANParks with a proposal to translocate Sylvester to Kuzuko in an attempt to bond him with the orphaned cubs of the lioness Gina that died in AENP during 2014.

The resident male coalition of Kuzuko, of Matt and Kalahari, are ageing fast and it made sense to try and establish a new pride structure on the property with Sylvester and the two young lionesses.

Sylvester will initially be housed inside a large boma structure, within the 250ha enclosure, where the young lionesses are currently learning their hunting skills. So far they have caught a vervet monkey, rock monitor and a young kudu bull that we are aware of.


Nicka and Angel met up with Sylvester on the second morning.

Named Nicka and Angel, the cubs did extremely well and now aged 19 months are fast becoming expert huntresses. In the enclosure that they are in, there are plenty of kudu and smaller game. We can see a significant reduction in the prey numbers and are of the opinion that Nicka and Angel are hunting more than what we are aware of. However, we must keep in mind that we spend the absolute minimum time with them, as they must be rehabilitated to be free and hunting on their own in the 15 000ha contractual area in the future.

Once Sylvester has settled and has bonded with the young lionesses through the fence, he will be released into the bigger enclosure with the young lionesses. Important to note is that the ageing male coalition of Kuzuko will not have direct contact with Sylvester and the lionesses. AENP management announced that they will soon bring another young male lion into the boma with Sylvester to form a new coalition.

Kuzuko Management thanks SANParks for their continued support and in helping us in this effort of establishing a new lion pride on the property.