Addo Region, 27 October 2020 – Last night, two new cheetah males arrived into their temporary holding boma at Kuzuko Lodge, which is a fully functioning Big 5 Private Game Reserve, to be wilded after which they will be placed within the Cheetah Meta Population Management Program of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.
Kuzuko Lodge has been a major contributor towards this program since 2007.
This very successful cheetah wilding program is the brain child of the Kuzuko Reserve Management Team and based on the successes they achieved by wilding two orphaned lionesses and settling the run-away lion Sylvester into a functioning coalition after which he now heads up the Sylvester pride.
The Kuzuko Reserve Conservation Team checked up on these two males this morning and found that they are already spray-marking trees indicating that they are already claiming ownership of their new area which is remarkable.
The cheetah wilding program is a multi-organisational partnership in which Inqo Investments, Legacy Hotels and Resorts, Ashia Cheetah Conservation and the Endangered Wildlife Trust are involved, with the majority of the ‘on-the-ground’ work being done by the Kuzuko Conservation Team in the wilding of, mainly captive born and raised animals.