Kuzuko Lodge – We Make Conservation Happen

Kuzuko Conservation Volunteer Programme

Kuzuko Lodge is now hosting a conservation volunteer programme where you can enjoy a hands-on experience and see first-hand how we make conservation happen. At Kuzuko, we are well known for our conservation efforts in raising and wilding a variety of animals with our ‘human hands-off’ approach.

Over the last few years we have successfully brought up and wilded a variety of African animals like kudu, eland, caracal, cheetah and lion, to name a few. We have also taken the so-called problem lion, Sylvester, successfully bonded him into a coalition and released him into the reserve. It has been two years since we released him, and we have not had any problems, instead we recently celebrated his success in becoming a father to two male cubs. See our NEWS section on this website for more information on our conservation successes.

At the Kuzuko Conservation Volunteer Programme you will become part of our conservation efforts, which includes the daily monitoring of our key animals and getting involved in other conservation matters like fence maintenance, road and water maintenance as well as other general conservation duties. Our Foundation is doing fantastic work with local school children and you will have an opportunity to take part and leave a bit of your legacy there as well.

If you are interested or require more information please e-mail our Kuzuko Reserve General Manager, Gerhard de Lange, at volunteers@kuzuko.com